Worldwide technology raceway

World Wide Technology waterway( WWTR) is a multi-purpose motorsports venue located in Madison, Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Missouri. Firstly opened in 1970 as Gateway International Raceway, the track passed a major addition in 2011, including a name change to World Wide Technology waterway. The venue has since come one of the premier racing destinations in the United States.

How big is the track at World Wide Technology Raceway?

The installation features a 1.25- afar round track, which hosts NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, and ARCA Menards Series races. The track also has a 1.6- afar road course, which hosts IndyCar, Sports Car Club of America( SCCA), and motorcycle races.

In addition to its racing events, WWTR also hosts a variety of non-racing events throughout the time, including musicales, carnivals, and commercial events. The Gateway Conference Center, which can accommodate up to,500 people, is also available for rent for events similar to meetings and marriages.

The track itself has experienced significant upgrades in recent times, including the installation of a new racing face and streamlined SAFER walls, which are designed to absorb impacts and reduce the threat of injury in the event of a crash. The grandstands and other installations have also been upgraded, offering suckers a comfortable and pleasurable experience during events.

Beyond hosting professional racing events, the World Wide Technology waterway offers a variety of openings for suckers to witness contending themselves. The installation offers driving seminaries, lift- along, and karting, allowing suckers to get behind the wheel and experience the exhilaration of contending firsthand. This emphasis on addict engagement has helped to cement the venue’s status as a top destination for motorsports suckers of all periods.

WWTR is committed to giving back to the community, hosting several charitable events throughout the time. One similar event is the waterway 5K, which benefits the USO of Missouri. The venue also hosts the periodic Gateway Dirt Citizens, a popular dirt racing event that attracts motorists and suckers from across the country.

WWTR has also played a significant part in advancing the motorsports assiduity. In 2019, the track came the first in the world to install LED lighting for night races, allowing for a further immersive and thrilling racing experience for motorists and suckers likewise. WWTR has also been a colonist in sustainability, enforcing a number of eco-friendly practices, similar as using renewable energy sources and enforcing a recycling program.

World Wide Technology waterway is a protean venue that hosts a wide range of racing events throughout time. Some of the most popular racing events at the track include the Bommarito Automotive Group 500 IndyCar race, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and ARCA Menards Series races, and the NHRA Midwest Citizens drag racing event.

Also, the World Wide Technology waterway offers a range of feeding services and event planning support to help make any event a success. The installation also offers on-point camping and caravan parking for callers who want to stay close to the action. World Wide Technology waterway is also known for its commitment to the community. The track hosts several charity events throughout the time, including a monthly food drive to profit the St. Louis Area Foodbank and the Racing for kiddies program, which raises finances for pediatric medical exploration and treatment.

Some Recent updates about the Worldwide technology raceway:

Of course, there have been some more recent developments regarding the World Wide Technology canal.

• WWTR announced a new partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) squad St. Louis City SC in 2021. The team is scheduled to start competing in 2023. As part of the collaboration, WWTR will hold activities in St. Louis City, South Carolina, and act as the authorized training facility for the platoon.

• On its recently renovated 1.25-mile round track, WWTR held the inaugural NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race in 2021. The Toyota 200 race marked WWTR’s first NASCAR national series competition since 2010.

• WWTR has also made environmental improvements, such as installing solar panels on its new control palace and using LED illumination for its night racing.


Overall, the World Wide Technology waterway is a world-class motorsports venue that offers commodities for everyone. Whether you are a bones-hard racing addict or just looking for a delightful day out with family and musketeers, WWTR is sure to give an indelible experience

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