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Have you noticed strange badges Appear on Instagram profiles? Find out why Meta is using this personal marketing tool to generate fear of missing out and attract more users. Discover the answers now!


Have you ever seen a strange badge appear on someone’s Instagram profile and wondered why it was there? This badge is likely being used by Meta, a new platform for discovering and sharing content.

According to the tech website Mashable,

Meta is probably using these badges as a marketing tool to attract Instagram users’ attention and generate fear of missing out (FOMO). The badges are part of their branding strategy designed to draw more users onto their new platform. It’s an effort to demonstrate that they appeal to active social media users, so when people see the badge on an influencer or celebrity account, they may be curious about what it is all about.

For now, we can only speculate as to why Meta has chosen this particular method of promotion; however, the purpose may be twofold. On the one hand, it allows them to grow quickly through organic word-of-mouth recommendations from those who have already experienced the app. On the other hand, it gives them an easy way for potential customers to follow along with what existing users are talking about – without actively searching for related content on their own time. 

By offering this reward system in conjunction with quality content creation tools within their app (such as audio recordings), they’re hoping that more people will become hooked into spending time in their ecosystem rather than elsewhere online.

What do badges mean on Instagram?

Badges on Instagram are a great way to show your support for creators during their live videos. When you purchase a badge, an icon of a heart appears next to your name in the comments section. It allows others to watch the video to see that you’ve been given special recognition and appreciation for the content creator’s work.

Badges Level

The badges come in three levels – Bronze (1$), Silver (2$), and Gold (3$). These allow viewers to express different levels of support depending on their budget and enthusiasm for the creator’s content. Your purchased badge will remain visible throughout that live video session so everyone can see your license!

These badges also act as incentives for people to make more quality content, improve existing content, or even experiment with new ideas since they represent an income stream that goes directly back into creating better works of art or other types of sources of content that followers enjoy. Not only does it give creators extra motivation, but it builds up relationships between them and their audience as well!

How do you get badges on Instagram?

If you want to get a badge on Instagram, you are trying to become verified. Becoming verified on Instagram requires meeting certain criteria set out by the platform and having an active public account with a bio and profile photo.

Who is eligible for Instagram live badges?

There are three requirements for applying for a verified badge: authenticity, uniqueness, and completeness. Your account must represent a real person or a registered business/entity to be considered authentic. Your presence must also be unique- meaning that if several people or businesses use the same name, then the one who has been active the longest will usually get priority when applying for verification status. Lastly, your account should be complete with all necessary elements, such as bio information about yourself or your business’s profile photo, so it looks legitimate to increase your chances of approval when submitting an application for verification status on Instagram.

More requirements

If you’re an eligible creator in the United States, you can earn a badge that will appear next to your username while streaming on Instagram Live. To be eligible, you must comply with our Instagram Partner Monetization Policies and Community Guidelines, be 18+ years of age, and have 10k+ followers.

To check if you are eligible for a Live badge, go to your Professional Dashboard. Once there, click the “Your Profile” tab, then scroll down until you see the “Eligibility for Badges in Live” section and click on it. If you see the “Congratulations! You are eligible for Badges in Live” message, then that means that you already meet all the requirements and can start streaming right away!

In the end

Live badges help creators engage more with their community by allowing viewers to identify broadcasters easily while watching a live stream. This is especially helpful when following multiple accounts, as badges make distinguishing one version from another easier during live streams. It also helps build community loyalty. People tuning into broadcasts will know who is behind each live stream and comment or join conversations more quickly since they won’t have trouble identifying who’s talking/streaming at any given time.

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