Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile Page Issue? [8 Fixes]

Having trouble with your Outlook stuck on loading profile page issue? Check out our 8 easy fixes to help you get back up and running quickly. Get tips from professional technicians today.


Outlook is an essential email program for many people who use it for work and personal purposes. However, like many other software applications, it is not immune to issues. One of the common issues is Outlook getting stuck on the loading profile page, which can be frustrating. When this issue occurs, you can’t access your emails, and you can’t send or receive messages. But don’t panic; in this blog post, we will discuss eight fixes to resolve Outlook that is stuck on the loading profile page issue.

Run Outlook in Safe Mode

A third-party add-in in Outlook can cause the loading profile issue. Running Outlook in safe mode disables add-ins and starts Outlook with the default settings. To run Outlook in safe mode, press the Windows key + R, type “outlook.exe /safe,” and press Enter.

Use the Inbox Repair Tool

Outlook provides an inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe that can repair corrupted PST files. To use scanpst.exe, open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\OfficeXX. Double-click on scanpst.exe, and follow the instructions.

Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration

Hardware graphics acceleration uses the graphics card to offload processing from the CPU, but it can cause issues with some drivers. To disable hardware graphics acceleration, open Outlook, click File, then Options. Click Advanced, scroll down to the Display section, and uncheck the box next to “Disable hardware graphics acceleration.”

Repair Outlook Data Files

Outlook data files can get corrupted, which can cause the loading profile issue. To repair Outlook data files, open Outlook, click File, then Account Settings. Click Account Settings again, select the Data Files tab, and select the data file you want to repair. Click the Repair button, and follow the instructions.

Create a New Outlook Profile

Creating a new Outlook profile can fix the loading profile issue. To create a new profile, open Control Panel, then click Mail. Click Show Profiles, then click Add. Follow the instructions, and when you’re done, select the new profile and click Set as Default.

Delete the Outlook Profile Registry Key

Deleting the Outlook profile registry key can resolve the loading profile issue. To delete the key, press the Windows key + R, type “regedit,” and press Enter. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\XX.0\Outlook\Profiles, where XX is your version of Office. Right-click on the profile key, and select Delete.

Reinstall Office

Reinstalling Office can fix the loading profile issue if all other fixes fail. To reinstall Office, open Control Panel, then click Programs and Features. Select Office, click Uninstall and follow the instructions. After uninstalling Office, download and install it again from the Microsoft website.

Contact Microsoft Support

If none of the above fixes work, contact Microsoft support for assistance. They will guide you through additional steps and resolve the issue.


Outlook getting stuck on the loading profile page can be an annoying issue. But don’t get disheartened; there are several solutions to the problem. You can use the steps mentioned in this blog post to fix the issue and get back to using Outlook normally. However, if the issue persists, contact Microsoft support. Finally, ensure that you regularly back up your Outlook data to avoid data loss in the future.

Finally, If nothing else works then uninstalling/reinstalling/repairing Outlook should do the trick although by far one of our most recommended solutions would be speaking to professional technicians who specialize in resolving these types of problems quickly and efficiently – saving yourself money through their expertise!

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