iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max are both flagship smartphones Apple produced. While the iPhone 12 Pro Max was released in 2020, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is released in 2022. In this composition, we’ll take a near face at the differences between these two phones and what new features we can see in the two phones. 

Camera Comparison 

Both phones come with a triadic camera system on their tails, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max takes it to the coming position with a much larger main camera detector. Not only that but there’s a new Photonics Engine that runs a bunch of tweaks to prints obtained with all the cameras, so they end up appearing better. 

Camera specifications for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max 

Wide camera 14 Pro Max 48MP, f/1.78, 24 mm vs. 12MP, 26 mm on 12 Pro Max 

Ultra-wide camera 12MP on both 

Blowup camera 3X drone vs2.5 X drone 

The capability to capture full-res 48MP prints sounds great for geography shots with bountiful detail, and Apple also uses this voluminous detector for virtually lossless 2X drone prisoners. Having an optic-quality 2X drone is great for pictures, and we love having it ago on the 14 Pro Max. 

Keep in mind that the new phone does NOT capture 48MP prints by dereliction. rather, it uses quadrangle pixels, which means it combines four pixels into one, and you still get 12MP prints. 

But it’s not just about the tackle, of course. Several features are only available on the newer 14 Pro Max 

Cinematic Mode — blurs the background like portrayal mode, but for videotape. 

Action Mode — gimbal- suchlike stabilization, perfect for those audacious/ action moments with a ton of movement bike lifts, runs, etc. 

Photographic Styles — a custom look that’s automatically applied to each print you capture. 

High-quality audio and haptics 

The loudspeakers in the iPhone 12 Pro Max produce high-quality sound, however, the 14 Pro Max makes a monumental vault in both measure situations and uproariousness. Those who value great audio quality on their phone will appreciate the substitute model. 

Life and Charging of Batteries 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery is the same size as that of its predecessor, the two-year-old 12 Pro Max, but combined, they form a huge vault.

We don’t know any changes to the Taptic Machine that drives the haptics or the vibration feedback, but it has been excellent from the launch, so that is no argument for the company. 

So those who value great battery life are in for pleasure with the 14 Pro Max, and this alone might be a good argument to upgrade. 

Dimensions of the iPhone 12 Pro Max,687 mAh battery 

iPhone 14 Pro Max,323 mAh or further( 20) 

This results in 25 hours of videotape streaming on the new model vs only 12 hours on the same test for the aged one, and audio streaming time has bettered from 80 hours on the 12 Pro Max to 95 hours on the 14 Pro Max. 

Results of the PhoneArena Battery Test: 

In our independent experiments, we set up the 14 Pro Max to survive closely 2 hours and a half more for videotape streaming and closely 5 hours more for browsing the trap, which is a massive disparity. 

On the charging front, both exercise the Lightning connector with slight differences in the charging celerity. The 14 Pro Max can charge at a maximum of 27W, whilst the 12 Pro Max can charge at a rate of over 20W.

Both also support MagSafe wireless charging at 15W pets. 


Consequently, is it worth upgrading from the 12 Pro Max to the substitute 14 Pro Max? 

If you want the rearmost and topmost. it might be. 

The boost in battery life is the most significant enhancement in our prospect but consequently is the smooth 120Hz creation movie. And camera suckers will also detect quite the pitches with the larger, 48MP detector and Cinematic Mode videotape now in 4K. Other features are also welcome, and some like the SOS via satellite and crash discovery might save your life one day. 

At the same time, some opinions on the iPhone 14 Pro Max feel a fleck strange the inordinate stropping in prints personally feels like a step back. Still, with quite many advancements, and fused with some sweet trade-in deals, a rise might make a lot of sense. 

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