IPhone 11 Pro Max Vs Iphone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a monumental revision assimilated to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was released two times before. The 13 Pro Max brings a slew of new features, but the two most noble bones are a creation exposition for smoother scrolling and most impressively, a boost in battery life. As anticipated you also get raised cameras with larger detectors as well as a couple of truly” Pro” features like ProRaw print prisoner and ProRes videotape recording. 

Pros and drawbacks of the iPhone 13 Pro Max


surprising battery life 

Super bright exposition with great colors 

Fastest interpretation of any phone 

Advanced camera 

Stylish videotape quality of any phone 


Lacks presto charging 

Size is a fleck extreme and it’s a heavy phone 

Cinematic Mode needs some further accomplishment 

No USB- C makes life more convoluted 

iPhone 11 Pro Max pros and cons 


Huge battery life advancements 

Camera bettered in a monumental expressway 

Night Mode works extremely well-conditioned 

Assiduity leading videotape recording quality with XDR 

Face ID works hardly briskly and at a wider side 

Beautiful movie 


The movie still has a monumental notch, but lacks Pro features like 90Hz fare rate 

Still only 64 GB of- association storehouse in base interpretation 

No headphone jack 

A USB- C harborage would be better 

The key changes between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max 

iPhone 13 Pro Max is quite a fleck heavier 

Larger movie at6.7″ vs6.5″ on aged model 

120Hz creation, HDR brace, advanced brilliance on substitute model 

Apple A15 vs Apple A13 

128 GB base storehouse( vs 64 GB on 11 Pro Max) 

the triadic camera system on both, but new and larger detectors on 13 Pro Max 

ProRaw and ProRes support only on substitute model 

Bigger battery size, hardly brisk charging, MagSafe brace 

Display and Design 

Still, you’ll incontinently note that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a bigger, heavier, and commonly chunkier phone If you’re utilizing an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The 13 Pro Max features this new cubical styling with flat points assimilated to the twisted points on the 11 Pro Max. The flat sides look great on the substitute phone, but they do also make the phone a fleck harder to grip, especially if you have a lower phase, and we detect the 11 Pro Max is a fleck more comfortable to grip. 

In tours of exposition quality, the iPhone 13 Pro Max features a hardly larger movie a6.7- point one vs6.5 elevation on the 11 Pro Max, but both exercise the same OLED technology for also vibrant colors and both have about the same conclusion, and they look plenty sharp. You could also note that the substitute model comes with a lower notch( 20 lower if we’ve to be precise), which is great. 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max also has an advanced peak brilliance(1,000 nits peak vs 800 nits on the 11 Pro Max) for more comfortable out-of-door use. The substitute model also brings one instigative rise 120Hz creation for super smooth scrolling! Apple has optimized iOS and the movie automatically varies from 10Hz with static content to 120Hz when you need those smooth scrolling speeds. 

Eventually, we’ve nonidentical colors on the 13 Pro Max the fancy new bone is called Sierra Blue and is a light shadow of filthy, plus you also have Graphite, Silver, and Gold, while the aged 11 Pro Max comes in Midnight Green, Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. Both phones come with frosted glass on the reverse, which is better than lustrous glass at defying fingerprints. 

Battery and Charging 

Coming from an iPhone 11 Pro Max, you’re presumably formerly exercised to great battery life. When it launched, the iPhone 11 Pro Max wowed us with a monumental battery and long battery life, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max takes effects further. A lot farther. 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max features a,352 mAh battery cell vs, a 969 mAh cell in the iPhone 11 Pro Max. That is a disparity of close to 10 in the indulgence of the substitute model. 

But we do not have to calculate precisely the size. Apple is giving away some sanctioned battery evaluations, and this is where the effects get crazy. Apple says the iPhone 13 Pro Max can stream vids for over 25 hours right, assimilated to precisely 12 hours on the 11 Pro Max, which is yes, doubly as long! For vids you have on your device the delta isn’t that monumental, the 13 Pro Max can play ago 28 hours right assimilated to 20 hours on the 11 Pro Max. Still, those are some enough monumental advancements, and we could not stay to try them out ourselves. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers close to 19 hours, while the 11 Pro Max manages to squeeze around 13 hours, so that is a close 50 enhancement! Interestingly, in YouTube videotape streaming, the disparity was relatively fragile, but we again had a bigger disparity in our gaming test where the substitute Pro Max scored 10 hours and a half vs 7 hours and a half on the 11 Pro Max. 

With moderate use, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is fluently a 2-day phone, and that is quite the acquirement. 

On the bowling front, iPhone 11 Pro Max druggies are in for a fleck of dissatisfaction as a bowl is noway longer comprehended in the box. Plan on spending a fresh$ 20 bucks for an Apple whirlwind bowl. Unfortunately, indeed this” whirlwind bowl” maxes out at around 20W charging pets, which isn’t all that presto by ultramodern norms. 


Then are the differences in camera tackle 

Wide camera — 26 mm, f/1.5 orifice on 13 Pro Max vs f/1.8 orifice on 11 Pro Max,1.9 µm vs1.4 µm pixel size 

Ultra-wide camera —0.5 X, 13 mm, f/1.8 orifice vs f/2.4 orifice 

Blowup camera —On 11 Pro Max, f/2.8 orifice vs on 13 Pro Max f/2.0 orifice 

In simple words, the wider orifice on the main camera and its new capabilities have the 13 Pro Max to capture a lot further light. 


Ago when the iPhone 11 Pro Max launched, it was the fastest phone on the request, and Apple has only been dragging its lead in chip interpretation. The new Apple A15 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 13 Pro Max should bring advancements in CPU, GPU, and AI interpretation, plus camera ISP advancements. 

Conclusion Is it time to upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro Max? 

Of course, it all depends on how you feel about the features and differences we have covered here. However, consequently no worries there, and if the battery is still holding up precisely OK 3 times latterly- great! 

If you are still happy with your iPhone 11 Pro Max indeed in 2022 and still know no argument to upgrade- that is fully all right! Your phone will remain to enter updates for times. 

still, if you are appearing for reasons to upgrade we can not command the substitute cameras and camera features, the indeed better battery life, larger exposition, snappier processor, and brisk charging of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. As we covered, it indeed comes with double the base storehouse, consequently, you can fit further of your apps, prints, and vids. And design-wise, the substitute iPhone 13 Pro Max has that beautiful flat-bite body, swapping to which is a nice expressway to freshen effects up if you’ve grown sick of the old twisted-bite iPhone project. 

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