How to Trim a YouTube Video

Learn How to Trim a YouTube Video with our step-by-step guide. Get started quickly and easily with all the tips you need for making great edits on any video. Save time, money, and hassle with this simple guide!


Trimming your YouTube videos is a great way to ensure your content looks professional and avoids unnecessary distractions. By cutting out the excess material, you can create shorter, more impactful clips that stand out on social media. Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to trim YouTube videos quickly and easily!

Step 1: Sign into Your Account

The first step is signing into your account on the YouTube platform. To access all the edit functions needed for trimming your video, login with an established Google account or set up a new one if necessary. Once logged in, select “My Channel” from the dropdown menu at the top right side of the page.

Step 2: Upload Video

After selecting “My Channel”, click on “Video Manager”, which should be listed near the top left side of the page beneath where it says “YouTube Studio BETA (New!). On this page, locate an option labelled ‘Upload Video’, allowing you to upload whatever clip you wish to trim directly from your computer or mobile device. After clicking this option follow any instructions given to get started with uploading footage onto YouTube’s platform.

 Step 3: Select Trim Function Once uploaded successfully,

select that specific video from within “Video Manager.” You should see several options underneath each video, such as play, share, stats etc., one of them being labelled ‘trim’. Clicking “trim” opens up several possibilities, such as editing out certain parts of existing footage or combining multiple clips into one longer piece – but we’ll focus just on simple trimming for now! Clicking ‘trim’ again brings up two highlighted markers indicating both start and end points along this timeline; move these around accordingly depending on what part(s) need to be removed from the overall video length/duration.*

Step 4: Save Edits & Re-Upload

When everything has been appropriately sized via those markers, hit save settings at the bottom right corner; after saving changes, go ahead and re-upload the entire edited sequence onto the website/platform (overwriting the previous version). Now whenever it plays online, everyone watching will only ever see the trimmed version rather than the entire original length before it was cut down** Congrats -you’ve now learned how to trim a Youtube video quickly & easily!

How to cut music from YouTube?

If you want to cut music from a YouTube video, there are several methods you can use. The simplest way is to right-click the video and select “Detach Audio”. This will separate the audio track from your video and allow you to edit it independently. You can then delete the audio track to remove it from your video.

You can also edit the audio track using some essential functions within YouTube’s editing suite. This includes cutting out unwanted parts of songs with its ‘Cut’ button, altering volume levels using its right-side menu, and more! Depending on how detailed an edit you need, these features may be enough for many users.

Overall, removing music from YouTube videos doesn’t have to be complicated! With just a few simple steps – right-clicking attached audio tracks and deleting them or utilizing some essential editing tools – anyone can quickly achieve their desired result!

In conclusion

 *Note that the maximum amount to be deleted per clip is currently 30 seconds ~before the button disappears entirely, so plan accordingly when deciding what needs to be removed or added back in!

 **Important reminder – anytime anyone trims down their already published Youtube videos will also force deletion/removal of ALL associated comments concerning that particular sequence being altered.

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