How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller


How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller, Taking aside a PS4 controller can be essential for several reasons, such as cleaning, repairing, or customizing the controller. If you are searching to disassemble your PS4 controller, this step-by-step information will stroll you through the process.


1. Gather the Required Tools:

– Small Phillips head screwdriver

– Plastic prying device or a skinny flathead screwdriver

– Tweezers (optional, for managing small parts)

– Clean workspace with accurate lighting

2. Power Off the PS4 Console:

– Ensure that your PS4 console is becoming off and unplugged from the strength supply earlier before beginning the disassembly process.

Disassembling the PS4 Controller:

3. Remove the Battery Cover:

– Turn the controller over and hit upon the battery cowl on the back.

– Slide the cowl off to disclose the battery compartment.

How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller

4. Remove the Battery:

– Take out the battery from its compartment by gently pulling it out.

5. Unscrew the Screws:

– Locate the screws on the again of the controller.

– Use the Phillips head screwdriver to put off the screws. There are typically 4 screws.

How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller

6. Separate the Controller Halves:

– Carefully pry open the controller by inserting a plastic prying device or a skinny flathead screwdriver between the two halves.

– Gently follow strain and work around the edges to separate the controller’s front and lower back halves.

7. Disconnect the Ribbon Cable:

– Inside the controller, you will discover a ribbon cable connecting the front and lower back halves.

– Gently elevate the connector latch with the usage of a prying device or your fingernail to launch the ribbon cable.

– Carefully dispose of the ribbon cable from its connector.

How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller

8. Remove the Button Assembly:

– Locate the button assembly, which consists of the directional pad, buttons, and triggers.

– Depending on the controller model, there may additionally be extra screws conserving the button meeting in place. Unscrew them if necessary.

– Lift the button meeting out of the front half of the controller.

How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller

9. Clean or Replace Parts (Optional):

– If you are cleaning the controller, use a gentle material and slight cleansing answer to wipe down the components.

– If you are changing any parts, cautiously eliminate and substitute them following the splendid guidelines or guides.

10. Reassembling the PS4 Controller:

– To reassemble the controller, comply with the above steps in reverse order.

– Reconnect the ribbon cable, aligning it desirable with the connector.

– Carefully locate the button meeting again into the front half of the controller.

– Align the two halves of the controller and press them collectively till they snap into place.

– Reinsert the screws and tighten them securely.

– Slide the battery lower back into its compartment and connect the battery cover.

Certainly! Here are some extra factors to assist you with taking aside a PS4 controller:

III. Disassembling the PS4 Controller (Continued):

11. Remove the Thumbsticks:

– After keeping apart the controller halves, you can do away with the thumbsticks for cleansing or replacement.

– Hold the base of the thumbstick and gently pull it upward to eliminate it from its socket.

– Repeat the method for the 2nd thumbstick.

12. Disassemble the Button Assembly:

– If you choose to smooth or exchange man or woman buttons or triggers, similarly disassemble the button assembly.

– Locate the escrews retaining the button meeting collectively and eliminate the usage of the suitable screwdriver.

– Carefully separate the button meeting into its person components.

13. Clean the Controller Components:

– Use a moderate cleansing answer or rubbing alcohol and a tender fabric or cotton swab to smooth the controller components.

– Pay one-of-a-kind interest to the button contacts, thumbstick sockets, and different areas the place filth or particles may additionally accumulate.

14. Replace Faulty or Damaged Parts:

– If you stumble upon any buttons, triggers, or different elements that are now not functioning correctly, this is a probability to substitute them.

– Order substitute components from reliable marketers or contact Sony for actual PS4 controller parts.

15. Customize the Controller:

– Taking aside the PS4 controller additionally affords a chance for customization.

– You can change the shell, buttons, or thumbsticks with aftermarket picks to create a special seem to be and feel.

IV. Reassembling the PS4 Controller:

16. Align the Button Assembly:

– When reassembling the button assembly, make sure that the buttons, triggers, and directional pad are efficiently aligned with their respective openings in the front half of the controller.

17. Connect the Ribbon Cable:

– Carefully reconnect the ribbon cable by aligning it with the connector on the front 1/2 of the controller.

– Press it firmly into the region and invulnerable the connector latch.

18. Join the Controller Halves:

– Align the front and lower back halves of the controller, making sure that all buttons and triggers are in shape properly.

– Gently press the halves collectively till they snap into place.

19. Secure the Screws:

– Insert and tighten the screws that preserve the controller halves together.

– Ensure that all screws are securely mounted however keep away from overtightening to forestall damage.

20. Test the Controller:

– Before inserting the battery again and closing the battery cover, check the controller to make certain all buttons and triggers are working correctly.

– Connect the controller to your PS4 console or a well-suited machine and operate a check run.


Taking aside a PS4 controller permits you to function maintenance, repair, or customization tasks. By following the step-by-step information and the use of the encouraged tools, you can safely disassemble your PS4 controller and get the right entry to its inner components. Remember to work in a smooth and well-lit environment, take care of the aspects with care, and maintain the tune of any eliminated screws or parts. Enjoy your disassembly technique and make certain to reassemble the controller efficaciously to preserve its functionality.

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