How to increase computer speed


How to increase computer speed, Are you worn out of lagging and gradual overall performance whilst gaming on your PC? Does your gaming ride frequently get ruined by freezing and crashing? If yes, then optimizing your PC is the answer.

In this tutorial, we will take you through step-by-step information to optimize your PC for exceptional gaming performance. We will supply in-depth explanations and guidelines to enhance your gaming experience.

Importance of Optimizing Your PC for Best Gaming Performance

PC optimization is vital for a clean and exciting gaming experience. It can assist expand FPS, limit crashes, and enhance load times, ensuring a higher normal gaming experience.

Assessing Your PC’s Performance

Before optimizing your PC, it is quintessential to verify its cutting-edge performance. Here’re the steps to consider your PC’s contemporary condition:

Checking Requirements for Games

Check the hardware and software program necessities for the video games you choose to play. This step will assist you to decide whether or not your PC has the indispensable aspects to run the game.

Evaluating Current PC Hardware and Software

Check your PC’s hardware and software program specs to make certain they meet recreation requirements. You can discover the statistics with the aid of going to the Control Panel, clicking on System and Security, and deciding on System.

Cleaning Up Your System

Now that you comprehend your PC’s performance, it is time to ease it up and free up some space. Here’re some encouraged techniques to ease up your PC:

Removing Unnecessary Files

Delete pointless documents from your computer, such as brief files, cached data, and historic emails.

Running Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter

Running Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter will assist prepare your difficult drive, do away with useless documents and folders, and free up some space.

Uninstalling Unused Applications

Remove unused purposes to free up some area and limit litter on your tough drive.

Updating and Upgrading Components

After cleaning up your PC, it is time to improve and replace factors that want advancement. Here’re the steps to follow:

Updating Graphics Card Drivers

Updating photo card drivers can enhance pics’ performance. You can download the modern-day drivers from the picture card manufacturer’s website.

Adding More RAM

Adding greater RAM can extensively improve recreation performance, mainly in resource-intensive games.

Upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Upgrading to an SSD can enhance sports overall performance using decreasing load instances and rushing up the universal laptop process.

Adjusting System Settings

After updating and upgrading your PC components, you can modify some gadget settings to in addition enhance recreation performance. Here’re the steps to follow:

Optimizing Power Settings

Setting your PC to excessive overall performance mode can enhance sports performance, however, it can additionally affect your battery life. To optimize your PC’s energy settings, go to Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, pick Power Options, and select the High-Performance option.

Adjusting Display Settings

Adjusting your PC’s decision and show settings relies upon your monitor. For a quality gaming experience, pick the endorsed resolution, and personalize your settings.

Enabling Game Mode

Enabling Game Mode on Windows 10 can optimize your PC’s settings for gaming. To flip on Game Mode, go to Settings, click on Gaming, and choose Game Mode.

Overclocking Your Hardware

Overclocking can assist enhance sports performance, however, it additionally comes with risks. Here are the steps to comply with earlier than overclocking your hardware:

Explanation of Overclocking

Overclocking is the manner of growing your PC’s clock fee to run at speeds quicker than the manufacturer’s specifications. This manner can assist you in reaping greater FPS however comes with risks.

Risks and Benefits

Overclocking can expand your PC’s hazard of overheating and minimize its lifespan. However, it can additionally enhance recreation performance.

Overclocking Your Hardware

To overclock your hardware, go to your BIOS and enlarge the clock frequency. Follow the step-by-step information and lookup to keep away from negative your system.

Optimizing Network Connection

Optimizing your community connection can enhance recreation performance, particularly in online games. Here’re the steps to follow:

Testing Your Current Connection Speed

Check your cutting-edge connection velocity to decide whether or not it is appropriate for online gaming.

Changing DNS Server

Changing your DNS server to a quicker and greater dependable company can enhance gaming performance.

Prioritizing Games in Network Settings

Prioritize your video games in community settings to make sure they have excessive community precedence and get hold of the most bandwidth.

Adjusting In-Game Settings

Adjusting your in-game settings can assist expand FPS and supply a higher gaming experience. Here’re some settings to adjust:

Graphics Settings

Lowering your snapshot settings, such as shadows, textures, and models, can enhance FPS and ordinary recreation performance.

Audio Settings

Disabling audio facets such as encompassing sound and reverberation can enhance sports performance.

Control Settings

Adjusting your mouse and keyboard sensitivity and customizing controls can furnish a higher gaming experience.

Utilizing Additional Tools

Using third-party optimization tools, tweaking settings in the Windows Registry, and recreating an easy Windows setup can assist enhance sports performance further.

Troubleshooting Common Gaming Issues

FPS drops, crashing throughout gameplay, blue monitors of death, and device freezing can spoil your gaming experience. Here’re some frequent troubleshooting steps:

FPS Drops

Lowering sports settings, updating drivers, and closing history applications can assist in restoreFPS drops.

Crashing During Gameplay

Updating drivers, closing history programs, and checking sports archives for corruption can assist repair crashes.

Blue Screen of Death

This error takes place due to hardware malfunction. Contact a technician to restore this problem.

System Freezing

Closing history packages and decreasing creation settings can assist repair gadget freezing.

Preparing Your PC for Long Gaming Sessions

Long gaming classes can reason your PC to overheat and have an effect on performance. Here’re some hints to put together your PC:

Cooling Methods

Using a cooling pad or upgrading your cooling device can assist keep away from overheating.

Preventing Overheating

Avoid putting your PC in direct daylight or on a floor that obstructs ventilation.

Proper Ventilation

Ensure that your PC has appropriate airflow and airflow by way of leaving the house between the wall and the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’re some often-requested questions on PC optimization:

Do I Need to Upgrade My PC to Optimize It?

Upgrading your PC will enhance sports performance, however, it is now not continually necessary. You can optimize your PC by using performing some easy adjustments such as cleansing up and adjusting settings.

Is Overclocking Safe?

Overclocking comes with dangers such as overheating and decreasing your PC’s lifespan. Always look up and observe step-by-step information earlier than overclocking your hardware.

What Should I Do if My PC Is Still Not Performing Well After Optimization?

Consult a technician or improve your PC’s hardware to attain the highest quality sport performance.


Optimizing your PC is fundamental to supplying you with the great gaming ride possible. Follow these steps to decorate your PC’s overall performance and acquire the most fulfilling sports performance. Regularly look into and hold your PC to make sure it stays in the most beneficial conditions. Happy gaming!

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