How to Change Hard Drive Name in Windows 11


How to Change Hard Drive Name in Windows 11, personalizing your computer’s settings is simpler than ever, such as customizing the names of your tough drives. Renaming your challenging power can assist you pick out and preparing your storage units extra efficiently. Whether you prefer to supply your tough power an extra descriptive identity or truly customize it to your liking, this step-by-step information will stroll you thru the technique of altering the tough force title in Windows 11.

Step 1: Open File Explorer:

To begin, open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon placed on the taskbar, or you can press the Windows key + E on your keyboard.

Step 2: Locate and Select the Hard Drive:

In the File Explorer, detect the tough force you choose to rename beneath the “This PC” or “Devices and drives” section. It will be listed with its default name, such as “Local Disk (C:)” or “New Volume (D:).”

Step 3: Right-Click and Choose “Properties”:

Once you have chosen the favored challenging drive, right-click on it to open a contextual menu. From the menu, pick”Properties” to open the home window for the chosen challenging drive.

Step 4: Enter the New Name:

In the window of the residence, you will see a discipline in the place the modern identity of the difficult pressure is displayed. To alternate the name, virtually click on inner the subject and kind the new title you favor to assign to the challenging drive. Be positive to pick out an identity that is descriptive and significant to you.

Step 5: Apply the Changes:

After getting into the new name, click on the “Apply” button at the backside proper nook of the window of the house. Windows will practice the modifications and replace the title of the challenging pressure accordingly.

Step 6: Confirm the Name Change:

To verify that the identified exchange has been efficiently applied, shut the window of the house and navigate lower back to the File Explorer. Locate the renamed challenging drive, and you need to see the new identity displayed.

Step 7: Restart (If Necessary):

In some cases, Windows may additionally require you to restart your pc for the adjustments to take effect. If prompted, go beforehand and restart your gadget to make certain that the new tough force identity is utterly updated.

Certainly! Here are some extra statistics to beautify the weblog on how to alternate the difficult power title in Windows 11:

Step 1: Open File Explorer:

To open File Explorer quickly, you can additionally use the keyboard shortcut Win + E.

Step 2: Locate and Select the Hard Drive:

If you are no longer positive which force you prefer to rename, take a second to perceive it based totally on its dimension and reachable space. This will make certain you are renaming the right challenging drive.

Step 3: Apply the Changes:

After coming into the new name, you can additionally pick to regulate different residences of the challenging drive, such as its icon. To do this, click on the “Customize” button in the home window. From there, you can browse and pick out a special icon to characterize your tough drive.

Step 4: Confirm the Name Change:

Once you have established the new name, you can additionally double-check the alternate in different places such as the navigation pane in File Explorer or when having access to the difficult force in a variety of applications.

Step 5: Restart (If Necessary):

Although it is now not constantly required, restarting your laptop can assist make certain that the new title is totally up to date throughout all device components.

Remember, when deciding on a new identity for your challenging drive, strive to preserve it as descriptive and meaningful. This will make it less complicated for you to become aware of the cause or content material of the pressure when managing your files.

Additionally, it is necessary to word that renaming a tough power does now not affect its contents or facts in any way. The technique solely adjustments the show identity of the drive, offering a great customized experience.


In conclusion, altering the identity of your tough pressure in Windows 11 is a simple system that approves you to customize your pc and makes it simpler to perceive your storage devices. By following the steps outlined in the information and thinking about the extra data provided, you can confidently rename your challenging power and decorate your ordinary computing journey in Windows eleven

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