Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7: Main Difference

Do you want to do comparison about Google pixel 6a vs pixel 7? Is it worth splurging a fleck more to get the flagship Google Pixel 7 or is the account Pixel 6a model formerly good enough? 

This is the monumental question that we’ll answer in this comparison, and allow’s start with the most important enhancement in the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a runs on Google’s first generation Tensor chip, which is faster than utmost other phones in the same freight and is only hardly snaillike to the Tensor G2 processor in the Pixel 7. 

Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7

And while the Pixel 7 has an advanced conclusion main camera, the image quality is strikingly analogous and both also partake in one shortcoming they do not have a dedicated drone lens. 

Pros and Cons Google Pixel 6a 


Great value for plutocrat 

whirlwind processor 

Excellent camera 

Great6.1″ size that doesn’t feel too monumental 

Pleasing loudspeaker quality 


Lacks a drone camera 

Pixel character for bugs and effects doesn’t inspire confidence 

Only runs at 60Hz 

The headphone jack is gone along 

No bowl in the box 

Pros and Cons  Google Pixel 7


Compact and friendly project 

Bright exposition 

Excellent$ 599 starting freight 

common good image quality with the hand Pixel look 

Good battery life 


The ultra-wide camera is still not wide enough 

Some camera tricks and shutter pause 

Not veritably inspiring performance-wise 

Display and Design Quality 

The Google pixel 6a vs pixel 7 have analogous designs, but the parallels end when you look at the accouterments exercised making the phones the Pixel 7 has Corning’s rearmost Gorilla Glass Victus on the reverse, while the 6a has a plastic ago. 

Both, still, are officially water and dust-defended, a nice point. The Pixel 6a comes with an IP67 instrument, while the Pixel features advanced IP68 standing. 

The Pixel 6a is lower than the Pixel 7, consequently, for those appearing for a compact phone this is an important advantage to call. We’ve also comprehended the size of the iPhone 13 to illustrate that indeed if lower, the 6a isn’t relatively as compact as Apple’s popular6.1- inches. 

When it comes to defenses, the Pixel 6a has a 6.1″ 1080p OLED exposition, while the Pixel 7 derisions a larger exposition at 6.3″ and supports a 90Hz fare rate. This is the monumental concession with the 6a it doesn’t support a whirlwind refresh rate and is stuck at 60Hz, which looks stuttery in comparison. 

Performance and Software 

Under the hood, Google pixel 6a vs pixel 7 bear the same brand of processor Google Tensor. still, the Pixel 6a uses the initial Tensor chip, while the 7 has the Tensor v2, which is more important. 

Also, the Pixel 7 has 8 GB of RAM vs 6 GB on the Pixel 6a, which will support faster and more effective multitasking. 

single-gut interpretation of the new Tensor G2 chip is virtually identical to the former one, still,multi-core pets get a close 20 boost. 

For gaming, the Pixel 6a and all phones with the first-word Tensor chip passed from austere throttling, and we’re pleased to know the Tensor G2 ameliorates that. On the 3D Mark test that runs for 20 twinkles, we know how towards the end, the Pixel 7 has closely 50 better interpretations, a massive disparity. 

Being” Google phones”, these two come with a clean Android figure. The Pixel 6a launched with Android 12 but has formerly entered the Android 13 update, while the Pixel 7 comes loaded with Android 13. 

This is intriguing because the Pixel 6a has formerly” burned” one of the three major Android updates Google has vowed for it, while the Pixel 7 will have one further major Android update and thus will have an extended lifetime. The Pixel 7 also comes with a pledge for 5 times of screen updates. 


With a single punch-hole frontal camera and two cameras on the reverse, one a wide and a secondary,ultra-wide lens, Google pixel 6a vs pixel 7 look analogous, and both are missing a devoted blowup drone lens. 

Day Photos 

Of course, excavate deeper and you’d detect differences the Pixel 7 uses a larger detector for the main camera, while the Pixel 6a features an aged generation, lower detector for the main camera. 

Ultra-wide Camera 

You get a 0.7 Xultra-wide camera on both phones, not as wide as the competition. The quality is closely identical on both phones. 

Night Photos 

The biggest disparity for night prints isn’t the quality per se, but precisely the celerity of prisoner on the Pixel 7, which is important faster than the Pixel 6a. 

Front Camera 

The monumental new point in the Pixel 7 is a 2X optic-grade drone. This is practicable thanks to the larger detector and is great for portrayal prints, and it’s also a commodity we’ve long been staying for. 

On the videotape side, the Pixel 7 has Cinematic Blur, which blurs the ground much like portrayal mode for prints. 

The Pixel 6a supports HDR videotape recording indeed at the ultimate 4K60 conclusion, which is great to know. We’ll be streamlining this section with further information once we get further about the Pixel 7. 

Audio Quality and Haptics 

The Pixel 6a does down with one point that exercised to remain on Google’s account phones the headphone jack. It’s no way longer then, and the Pixel 7 doesn’t have one moreover. 

Google pixel 6a vs pixel 7 come with binary loudspeakers, but the quality of the Pixel 6a chairpersons is simply decent, it surely lacks in” oomph” and the Pixel 7 is anticipated to have a monumental advantage in that appreciation. 

Battery Life and Charging 

Consequently far, it’s too early to analogize the battery life between these two phones Google pixel 6a vs pixel 7.

The Pixel 6a vessels with a,410 mAh battery, a decent bone for its size, while the physically bigger Pixel 7 has a hardly lower,,355 mAh battery. 

Both phones pledge” each-day” battery life, which means you have to block them every night. 

Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a last about the same time. Both scored around 9 hours of videotape playback over Wi-Fi, which is a decent grievance, and both had close to 14 hours on our trap browsing test. This suggests both of these phones will comfortably survive you through one day, but not much more, consequently, overnight charges are necessary. 

And precisely as numerous other ultramodern phones, do not anticipate knowing a bowl in the box. ultimate charging celerity on the Pixel 6a is a frustratingly tardy 18W, while the Pixel 7 tops up only hardly briskly at 20W. 

The Pixel 7, still, supports wireless charging at the same 20W pets, while the further accessible Pixel 6a can only be charged via a line. 


Google stepped up its game monumental time with the Pixel 6a, which has a brisk processor and charming project. 

At the same time, some effects are missing, and the lack of a whirlwind refresh rate feels like the biggest of those negotiations. 

On the other phase, the Pixel 7 isn’t much more precious and it seems to have all the fundamentals covered. The brisk Tensor G2 chip is nice to have and it enables new camera features. The 90Hz movie adds that smoothness that the Pixel 6a does not have, the point scanner on the Pixel 7 is brisk, and you also get Face Unlock on it and wireless charging. 

Yes, the Pixel 7 is the better option and it’s worth it for those who exercise their phones more and would appreciate the appended features, but the Pixel 6a is a fleck more accessible and we can recommend it to those who want to go readily on their portmanteau. 

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